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Independent Queer Melbourne Synth circa 2015.

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Sans Records is an independent, artist-run record label based in Melbourne, Australia. The label formed in 2015 was created with the aim of buildings supportive networks for artists involved in the live electronic music scene with a focus on refining processes, establishing skilled networks and reinforcing strong cross media implementation with a highlight on the relationship between music video and video art.




Established in 2014 InfraGhosts is a new-wave inspired dance project by musician and new media artist Laura Davis. 80s synthesizer hardware and drum machines meet with a modern dance dynamic resulting in a sound that meets Depeche Mode with Hot Chip.


KAMATFE is a Riot grrrl synth pop band from Melbourne, Australia dedicated to particular discomforts no one tells you about in Sex Ed.

“Hello, I’m a man.
I’m also in a Riot Grrl Electro-Clash band called Kill All Men & Their Fucking Egos. My lead singer is called Kill All Men and I’m in the background, I do the production and design and my stage name is Their Fucking Egos. We’re only small at the moment but we have 2 singles and around 87 fans on our fan page which consists of male and female fans alike. We’re not a dangerous organisation, we don’t advocate violence of any kind and have never posed any direct threats to anyone nor do we ever intend to. We do consider this project to contain more than a touch of social commentary, which we consider more than appropriate for our intended audience, and as far as I can see violates none of the guide lines stated in I think someone’s just got the wrong end of the message and is messing with us for the lolz, or perhaps has just got a little over zealous and hasn’t taken the time to find out what we’re all about. If we are violating any rules please let me know which ones so I can be more careful in future, we’re just a band trying to get our music out. I don’t really want to risk getting my personal profile getting shut down so we’ll do what we can to help.

Thanks for your time, hope you have a nice week.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again”- 6 Hours before getting permanently FB banned.


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